When you're thinking about the kind of colour scheme you want to run with for your wedding, it's worth considering how the colour combos will work well with, or against, each other. Will your core colours complement or detract from your venue's surroundings, your personalities and your natural skin tones?

Rose gold as a core colour for weddings started to become very popular a couple of years ago and there are several excellent reasons why it's not going anywhere in 2017:

  • while yellow gold can appear stark or brassy, rose gold is warm and flattering to most skin tones
  • it can be used as a main colour or an accent colour and is not too overwhelming to the eye
  • it's delicately feminine and can adapt to a modern or rustic wedding theme
  • it's a subtle way to add a metallic shimmer to your decor.

From bridesmaid dresses, to cutlery and cakes, there are so many options available. We love the idea of a cute kissing bell being placed on each table at the reception with some hand painted mason jars in various shades of blush and gold.

We'd love to see how you've incorporated rose gold accents or core colours to your wedding! Let us know in the comments.