Vicky Aldred from The Turquoise Rose is an absolute delight.

Her 16+ years’ experience was recently recognised with her business, The Turquoise Rose, being awarded Top 3 in Australia for Floral Design in the 2018 ABIA Designer of Dreams Awards.

Not only does she create breath-takingly beautiful floral designs for South Australian wedding couples on a weekly basis, she is also warm and friendly and has an almost encyclopaedic knowledge.

So when Unbridely wanted to help couples decode the different wedding bouquet styles that are popular right now and what they actually look like, Vicky was our first pick.

Thank you for your invaluable advice, Vicky!

In my opinion, choosing the right bridal bouquet is just as important as finding the perfect bridal gown for you.

Bridal bouquet designs have changed a lot over the years and can vary from small and understated to the over-sized and dramatic!

I say follow your heart with your flowers; your ideal bouquet should be a reflection of your personality, complement the style of your wedding and be created with the flowers and colours that you love.

A quick heads-up: as dedicated floral artists, our work is as individual as we are. Choosing the right florist to create your bouquet (and other wedding floral designs) is paramount.

So be sure to choose a florist that has a natural flair, a great eye for colour and detail and the experience and skill to create the design/s you love. 

Get this right first and you will be onto a winner.

It's great if you can let your florist know your likes and dislikes, but also to trust them to do their thing. Working with their recommendations and considering what's in season, will ensure that you get the best result possible.  

1)    Unstructured

Get your boho wedding vibe on and stay on trend with the unstructured look.

If you are a bride who likes to go against tradition and make up your own rules, then you will love this design.

The unstructured style is deliberately not symmetrical which means that each bouquet is unique and a little quirky.

You can go as big and as wild as you like.


2)    The ‘Just Picked’ Look

This is one of our most popular designs and can be created using a variety of flowers in different colours, sizes, shapes and textures.

It is best to keep this style to a medium size, not too large or wild, so it doesn’t take centre stage; you and your dress should still be the focus.  


3)    Cascading

If you are wanting a large and theatrical look, then the cascading design may be perfect for you.

This style is more of a natural, loose and relaxed feel and can be made smaller, of course.

Again, best with a mixture of interesting flowers in different sizes and shapes.


4)    Clutch

An understated, small posy that can be easily held in one hand.

We usually create this style for bridesmaids, as current trends are that most brides prefer a medium to large size bouquet.

But hey, it worked for Meghan Markle and if you if you love this style, then go for it!


5)    Round

A round bouquet is exactly as the name suggests and is ideal for a more formal style wedding.

This classic shape is usually chosen by ladies who don’t like flowers and foliage sticking out here and there.

Traditionally, they are created with only one or two flower types.

But, if you love the shape but would like to incorporate more interesting detail, you could choose lots of different flowers with texture.

I hope this quick and simple guide helps and please remember to always be true to yourself and choose the flowers and style that make your heart sing.

Most of all, enjoy planning your wedding day lovelies!

Vicky Aldred xx

The Turquoise Rose