Pssst! Are you a little over wedding planning?

Do you even remember the last conversation that you had with your fiancé that wasn't about the guest list, your accommodation or the menu?

Then it's time to get back to basics and revisit why you guys are getting hitched in the first place. And we have a handy resource to help you do just that; nurture your connection and step away from the planning folder (and Pinterest) for a while.

Check out our 50 ways to reconnect!

1. Let's start with the easiest and cheapest way; have a tech-free night. Make a pact, turn of your phone/tablet/laptops and yes, even the TV. Talking and 'real' (not on a device) reading ONLY followed by..

2. Exchanging foot/back massages - bonus points for the relaxing and reconnecting elements.

3. Pick a country far, far away and shop for ingredients and cook a new cuisine together.

4. Book-lovers? Go on a bookstore date. Grab a takeaway coffee and browse the shelves, hand in hand.

Bridechilla Club - reconnect with your fiancé

5. Lawn bowls or indoor bowling (depending on the season) either just as a couple, or team up with a few good friends for drinks and laughs. 

6. See a show; you know at a theater, with real people in it. 

7. Go to a drive-in movie. You can snuggle and whisper stuff to each other and won't get sssh-ed; you're in your own little world.

8. Take a dance lesson - salsa or ballroom and everything in between is on offer these days. Why not give Merengue, Mambo, Zouk, Argentine Tango or the Bolero a go?

9. Wine tour. Ha! I just wanted to leave it at that, but seriously, whether you are interested in wine or not, most vineyards are scenic and romantic locations all on their own . 

10. Visit to your local art gallery. Many are free to the public and it can be a wonderfully leisurely way to pass an afternoon without a lot of demanding conversation or thought required. 

11. Go ice-skating together.  If you aren't very good, all the better; the laughs alone will be worth the skates-hire fee. 

Bridechilla Club - reconnect with your fiancé

12. Take a bath or shower together. Ummm, derr!

13. Use good 'ol Google or your local newspaper and find out where your nearest fair, fete or market is on this weekend and get amongst it.

14. Go for a drive - explore nearby towns and be a tourist in your own state.

15. Plan a picnic. Keep it simple with just a couple of sandwiches and a drink or go foodie-wild with different cheeses, crackers, stuffed olives, paté and wine! You have permission to use your phone for mood music, but no social media!

16. Get a couple's massage together or book in for an entire spa day experience.

17. On ya' bike! Exercise plus new experiences = something new to talk about.

18. Sure you could go out to eat, but why not make a few reservations and do a progressive dinner? Change it up and try a few different places in the one night. Appetisers at one place, main at another and dessert & coffee somewhere else. 

19. Stay home and download a movie. Turn off the lights, grab the popcorn, a choc-top and your favourite drinks and you're all set.

20. Host a dinner party. It could be a 'one-off' or you could get together with a group of friends to organise a monthly dinner party group (like on the last Sunday of the month, for example).  It's an excellent excuse for a regular get together. 

21. Learn a new language - extra points for learning the language of the country/ies that you'll be visiting on your honeymoon.

22. Grab tickets to a match/game/series of a sport that you both love

23. A big quilt or blanket + a thermos of hot chocolate + some stargazing = romantic night.

24. Take a cooking class together - there are many mutual benefits..

25. Sky diving. Yep, only for the brave!

26. Wake up early, grab some croissants and coffee and watch the sunrise together

Bridechilla Club - 50 ways to reconnect with your fiancé

27. Visit the zoo and take the time to really see the exhibits, feed the animals, take a tour, grab a snack.

28. Put everything into perspective with a ride in a hot air balloon.  

29. Take a horse ride through the hills, a paddock or the beach. Get some fresh air while getting in touch with your animal husbandry tendencies. 

30. Go fruit picking: apples, strawberries, blueberries or whatever is local and in season.

31. Go to  the symphony. During festival season, some local symphonies perform free public outdoor events.  Bring a blanket, your picnic dinner and wine and you are all set.

32. Take an art class. Whether it’s painting, pottery, or something in between, it is great to get creative with the one you love.

33. Beer tasting crawl. One beverage, many venues - what could go wrong?

34. Make sushi together. There's cooking and then there's making sushi. Good for those that have perfectionist tendencies that like to be challenged.

35. Let your inner popstar out at karaoke!

36. Pick a wall, pick a colour and paint your little hearts out.

37. Experience some live music at a local pub. The live music scene will love you for it! 

Bridechilla Club - reconnect with your fiancé

38. Roast marshmallows over an open fire (or BBQ) and share stories of when you were kids.

39. Get competitive and play videogames together.

40. Put an air mattress or some blankets on the living room floor and fall asleep watching a movie wrapped in each other's arms.

41. Get 70s cool and share a fondue. Savoury or sweet, it's one of those decadent experiences that is always enjoyable and a little sexy too.

42. Make a playlist of killer songs from when you first got together.

43. Buy or make a ridiculously extravagant dessert and feed it to each other.

44. Visit a pet rescue sanctuary or your nearest RSPCA and see if you can help or donate some blankets or food.

Bridechilla Club - 50 ways to reconnect with your fiancé

45. Hit the beach for some relaxing time in the sun together. 

46. Volunteer! Give a little back to get a little back.

47. Play a round of mini-golf and make a fun bet on who will win. The loser buys ice cream/dinner/a weekend away..

48. Hit the gym and sweat it out.

49. Take your camera out on a fun photography adventure. You can choose a topic (cool architecture, funky people etc.) or do a fiancé shoot of each other to look back on in 10 year's time. 

50. Go to a comedy show and sit in the front row. Laugh at each other and with each other.


Any other cool ideas? Let us know in the comments.