Let Unbidely help you tick one task off the list, because you're big on ideas, but short on time..

In Australia, although there is a sentence from The Marriage Act 1961 that must be said aloud* (for civil ceremonies solemnised by a celebrant who is not a minister of religion), there is also an opportunity for the couple to say their own, personalised promises or vows to each other.  It is becoming increasingly more popular to personalise these vows, so they are unique to you, your values and your relationship.

Writing wedding vows takes a bit of time and thought and is well worth the effort, but there are times when my couples leave it a little too late. When there are dozens of other pressures and expectations, especially in the last week before the big day, sometimes writing the vows are forgotten until the rehearsal or even the night before (shock, horror!)

Quick Vows by Unbridely is a simple way to get a little of you and your fiancé into your wedding ceremony. It's a basic, 1 minute process and is meant to be a starting point for more detailed and intimate vows; a springboard for your creative genius to flow.

Have a go and remember to share it with your fiancé!


*In addition to the sentence from The Marriage Act 1961 that must be said aloud by the couple entering into the marriage, there are many other requirements for a marriage to be legally solemnised and recognised in Australia. I recommend all couples consult with an experienced celebrant/minister of religion as early as possible in their wedding planning process to ensure that all aspects are communicated, understood and adhered to.