A chat with Rhiannon from Plan Style Party.


So, Plan Style Party started in 2014, but what were you and Skye doing beforehand?

"Skye was working in retail but her passion was making the store look amazing and I worked in Admin but was always planning events and parties for the company and volunteering at large events around Adelaide. The planning and styling was always in us, we just didn’t realise we should combine our strengths to create stylish events and parties! But then one day, after Skye’s daughters 1st birthday party, we decided to go for it and haven’t looked back."

Photo by Elevation Photography

Photo by Elevation Photography

What kinds of weddings does Plan Style Party specialise in?

"We specialise and focus on creative custom weddings that represent our client’s style or the venues style. We don’t do the same thing twice, every couple is individual and their wedding day should represent who they are. Our couples like to think outside the box and aren’t confined by what is included in a set package supplied by a venue or decorator."

Which months are most popular for you?

"March is the busiest month for us, so book in fast if you want to get married in the warmer months. We are generally flat out from September through to April though as the wedding season tends to slow down over winter, but winter weddings can be amazing if you put some thought in to it and create lovely warming spaces for your guests to enjoy. Hot chocolate and a donut dessert bar, rugs to keep your guests warm, an open fire and gorgeous photos in the rain… sign us up!"

How far in advance do couples need to be looking at booking you for their wedding?

"We generally like to book weddings a year to 18 months out. But we do sometimes have spaces available 6 months out, so couples should always ask as you just never know your luck!"

And what sort of information should brides have ready for when they sit down with their stylist?

"A general vibe they want for their day is a great start. Do you want your day to be a big formal dinner, a more relaxed cocktail style with everyone mingling, a picnic, a big family dinner celebration? The vibe you want for your big day really influences the styling, people remember weddings for the feeling they had that day, so put some thought into that and we will work our magic around the vibe. 

Also come with ideas you DO NOT want. If you don’t like a particular look of flowers, hate chair sashes (don’t worry, we wouldn’t use them anyway), it always helps to know what our couples don’t want to see on their wedding day as we can really work with that to create something amazing for them."

Photo by Simon Bills Photography

Photo by Simon Bills Photography

Seen any new trends you think are awesome and that Bridechilla Club brides should be on the lookout for?

"Linens. It’s all about the linen! Not that linens are a new trend, but adding colour and texture to your tables, whether it’s a sit-down dinner or cocktail party, can make a room go from 'meh' to 'fab!' Break away from the white table cloths and start having some fun!

We love creating 'wow' factors for our weddings; feature lighting and floral installations are a great way to do that!"

Photo by Elle DS Photography

Photo by Elle DS Photography

What should couples be looking for in a venue?

"Your venue should be able to cater for the vibe you are wanting to create. If you want to have long tables to create the big family dinner experience, make sure there is enough room in the venue to allow for it.

If you want to have a fabulous outdoor wedding under the stars, make sure you can install a marquee if the weather turns so you can still enjoy the experience.

Also food plays such an important part in our wedding celebrations, if you are a foodie, make sure the food is amazing or ask if you can bring in your own caterer."

Photo by Simon Bills Photography

Photo by Simon Bills Photography

And lastly, what is your best piece of styling advice for bride and groom’s-to-be?

"Be true to yourselves and try not to get too distracted by what’s hot right now on Pinterest.

Pinterest is an amazing tool to create a vision board to collaborate with your stylist and others, but make sure you are searching for things that represent you and your style, not just what is 'on trend'. If you don’t know what your style is… that’s what we are here for! 

Trends will come and go but your wedding day is forever; it may only be one day, but the memories will last a lifetime. People will stare, make it worth their while.”


Plan Style Party

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Thank you to Elevation Photography, Elle DS Photography and Simon Bills Photography for their gorgeous photos of Plan Style Party's work.