In the seemingly never-ending search for the ultimate in wedding personalisation, engaged couples are hunting high and low for the next 'must-have' accessory, entertainment, reception decor or upcoming food trend.

But when it's all said and done, when the high of the big day is just a happy (but distant) memory, what will you have to reflect on? What can you pass on to your children or grandchildren, and what will you really remember about your wedding day by the time your teeth are kept in a glass of water on your bedside table?

Mike Vasey is in the customer service business. And it just so happens that where he works, EverettBrookes, also makes and sells custom and high quality handmade jewellery. I say (write) that Mike is in customer service first, because he is a poster boy of the Start With Why business philosophy.

What this means, for a bride or groom-to-be shopping around for their engagement or wedding rings, is that they truly care about their clients' experience first and the payment, second.

Unbridely - EverettBrookes make your own wedding rings

With every ring EverettBrookes creates, they offer a lifetime warranty and a satisfaction guarantee.

They believe that, once you've got your ring on your finger, it's not the end of their relationship with you; that it's just the beginning.

And it is so.



I sat down with Mike to have a chat about EverettBrookes' (relatively) new offering to their customers to make their own engagement, wedding or 'whatever celebration you want to mark' ring.

Unbridely - EverettBrookes make your own wedding rings

From the moment you walk into EverettBrookes, you can sense that it's not your average franchise jewellery store. 

Rather than having rectangular, glass display cases flanking their storefront with the customers corralled in the middle and the sales staff on the outer, the 4  jewellers at EverettBrookes have their workbenches front and centre.

Unbridely - EverettBrookes make your own wedding rings

In fact, around 2-3 years ago, what started as inviting a few customers to sit with them at their benches as they worked on jewellery pieces, has grown into their incredible make your own ring experience.

It's a handson, bespoke process, with emotion and intent involved; a true labour of love.

The act of creating something that comes to represent their relationship gives couples a real sense of achievement too.

Photos and video are taken of the session and what is even more amazing is that it doesn't cost any more than just purchasing the ring itself. 

The design and style of every piece is also custom made. So while there are some examples on display, because they hand roll the gold, rather than using mass production, casting techniques, there is a different integrity and one-of-a-kind result.

Unbridely - EverettBrookes make your own wedding rings

So, how does the process work? 

Step 1

Discuss the reason/purpose for the ring/s (engagement, wedding band, anniversary or other milestone), your budget and timeline with EverettBrookes

Step 2

Design your ring/s, keeping in mind any sentimental elements that may make the finished product even more special for the recipient i.e. favourite gemstones or birthstones, fingerprints or a nod to a sport or hobby that means something to you.

For example, Mike mentioned that they were once commissioned to create a ring with a specific brand of tyre tread pattern to be etched into the metal for a racing car driver!

So let your creativity flow to ensure the ring/s embodies your relationship and unique personalities. The staff at EverettBrookes will help you to consider your options. 

Step 3

Make an appointment. If you are wanting to keep the ring/s as a surprise for a loved one, they can also accommodate out of hours appointments to keep it all on the downlow.

Unbridely - EverettBrookes make your own wedding rings

Step 4

Spend an hour with one of the experienced jewellers and saw, roll, file and hammer your gold bar into a ring shape.  The session is photographed and videoed and you are presented with a DVD to share with family and friends.

Step 5

Collect your ring/s and wear it proudly or present it to your loved one, while enjoying the added symbolism of a completely unique and personalised heirloom that you created by hand.


For more information contact: EverettBrookes 

90 Gawler Place, Adelaide