I feel very fortunate to work beside some of the most exceptional wedding photographers in (South) Australia on a weekly basis. I can't help but admire their dedication to the craft and how talented they are.

But the bonus for me, on top of their fun and friendly personalities, is their wealth of knowledge. They have shot hundreds of weddings in their time and know all the tips and tricks. 

So here are 9 of the most talented photographers I know, imparting their little pearls of wisdom, their best-ever advice, on how to look AMAZING in your wedding photos.

“For me, as your photographer, I’m after ‘real’. To me, you will look your best in the photos if you can almost forget I’m there.  The wedding day is all about the two of you getting married and let’s face it, you should be all consumed with the excitement of the day and each other. If you concentrate on this amazing person you are marrying - I’m only going to get absolute gold!” 

Pete Thornton from What Pete Shot


"Get prepared somewhere with [lots of] space. For me as a photographer, space is great. Especially in the morning. It’s incredibly difficult to be unobtrusive and meander in the background if everyone is crammed into a tiny hotel room. Getting ready can be stressful, and it can manifest when you’re being crowded by a lot of (well-meaning) people. Try to cut the crowd down, so you can relax a bit, and so that your makeup artist and photographer can do their work. Also, be aware of all those packets of crisps and water bottles laying around the place – it’s not always easy to Photoshop them out after the fact."

"Light can make or break your wedding photos, so it’s important to try to plan your wedding to give your photographer the good stuff. Late in the day is best for your wedding photos, specifically the hour before sunset. Try not to plan your photos in the middle of the day, or early afternoon. Unless it’s overcast, you’re asking for trouble. Strong sunlight = harsh shadows.

Additionally, if you’re planning an outdoor ceremony, consider the sun. An early ceremony in dappled light is a killer. It’s very hard to fix up a patch of shadow on your face, and walking from sunlight to shadow as you walk down the aisle is a very tricky scenario for any photographer to manage.” 

Dan Evans of Dan Evans Photography


“The best piece of advice I can give is to completely trust your photographer. When choosing a photographer not only look at the style of photos you like but also that you all get along. You want them to be like an honorary member of your bridal party, it is important that you feel comfortable in front of them so that you can laugh and also have the raw emotional moments in front of them without feeling uncomfortable. They are the supplier that you will spend most of your wedding day with and the one that will capture all those moments for you. Trust can go a long way when capturing beautiful, heartfelt and natural images of your special day.

Lucinda Lehman from Lucinda May Photography


“Looking amazing on your wedding day is all about being yourself, embracing the energy and love around you, not sweating the small stuff and getting a properly tailored suit and dress.”

Luke Simon of Luke Simon Photography


“Basically this process needs to start a long time before the wedding in terms of looking after your mind, body and soul. Regular exercise combined with eating well, lots of fresh fruit and veggies, and hydrating with lots of water should help your body and skin to look its best on the day. "

"Obviously having a fantastic makeup artist can do wonders but if she's got a good base to start with it certainly helps.

Surrounding yourself with great suppliers who are professional in their approach should ensure that the day runs as smoothly as possible. Likewise the people you surround yourself in the lead up to the day need to be there for you and help you when you need it, this helps alleviate the stress too." 

Kim Stevens from Panache Photography


“My advice is be happy, relaxed and yourself.  Be in the moment, not worrying about looking amazing. 

Think about the day and the love, not the photos. The rest will follow. I advise on leaving lots of time so things can be relaxed and not rushed. I help with timelines a lot as have many years’ experience. Yes I advise on posing a little as the day goes, but I like things real and honest.” 

Kerin Burford of Kerin Burford Photography


“In my experience, to be the most beautiful you can possibly be in your wedding photos involves letting go. All the hard work comes before the day, plan your heart out, then on the day let go of all the expectations, worries and pressures (a day-of coordinator can be an amazing idea if you're a bit type-A, like I am!)

Fall into the beauty of the love being showered upon you, enjoy it, soak it in and let it radiate out. A little smudged make-up can't hide the beauty of the moment when your freshly-wed love catches your eye for the first time!” 

Kate Pardey of Kate Pardey Photography


“My biggest piece of advice is not to worry about the little things. (easier said than done I know). At the end of the day you WILL get married, and you WILL be surrounded by the people that mean the most to you. Try to enjoy that and laugh about the rest. Life is too short.” 

Paul McCall of Paul Mac Photography


Laugh...I mean genuinely laugh! After all, this is the happiest day of your life!! Champagne in one hand and your partners hand in the other; I guarantee you will get the most amazing wedding photos.” 

Michelle Harkness of Photography by Michelle Harkness


What's your best advice for looking amazing in your wedding photos? Let us know in the comments.


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