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Maria Athanasopoulos from Zink: The Element of Hair, Plympton gives Brides the low-down on how to make sure that your hairstyle is one you'll love - not just on your wedding day, but years down the track as well.

1) If you don't usually wear your hair up, don't do it just for your wedding day.

The idea being, that the look that you wear on most days is more 'you'. Glam it up a bit with accessories or a slight twist, but ultimately make sure you feel comfortable for the entire day - and that your fiancé will recognise you!

2) Don't get your haircut the week before your wedding.

You know that freshly cut look? You don't want that. What you're aiming for is perfectly groomed and/or coloured hair that looks natural. If you need a trim, make sure that you book it in at least a couple of weeks before the big day.

3) If you want to change your hair colour for the wedding, the decision needs to be made well ahead of time and not on a whim.

It can seem a bit fabulous and risqué to indulge in the fantasy of getting married as a blonde (if you're a brunette), a brunette (if you're a blonde) or pink (just for the hell of it). But again, will you still love the idea in 5 or 10 years time when you're looking back through your wedding photos? 

4) Don't trust anyone else's opinion; listen to your instincts. Only you know what truly suits you.

During the wedding planning process, there are sooo many decisions, negotiations and compromises that need to be made. Your hairstyle is not one of those. Full stop.

5) Keep it simple and try to coordinate to have your makeup and hair trial on the same day as your dress fitting.

The best way to get a real sense of the final result is to trial it. Hair, then make-up, then dress fitting. Take a photo at the dress fitting and sleep on it. Tweaks to your hairstyle a few weeks before the big day can make all the difference to how comfortable and happy you feel for the real thing.

What are your best bridal hair tips? Let us know in the comments.