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How To Plan A Kid Friendly Wedding

How To Plan A Kid Friendly Wedding

Like it or not, working out what you (and/or your wedding guests) are going to do with the littlies on the big day is a planning necessity. 

In the past, parents would choose to either arrange an off-site babysitter or wrestle/bribe/beg their kids to behave like adults so they can enjoy at least a few hours as a wedding guest. But there are new, inclusive options which mean that children can be looked after and/or entertained in a safe and nurturing environment at the same venue so everyone can have fun.

Win win, yes?

Unbridely spoke with Event Coordinator, Hannah of Adelaide-based Nurturing Nannies, about the things you need to consider when planning a kid-friendly wedding. 


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How To Include Kids In Your Wedding

How To Include Kids In Your Wedding

There are times when the couple gets it right and the kids (and therefore their parents) have a ball and are an awesome source of fun and laughter at weddings. Just imagine a little page boy busting some moves on the dance floor or a sweet flower girl raiding the dessert table before she should; super cute!

It's the sitting still quietly for (what seems for them) a lifetime during a ceremony or waiting to have photos taken that usually doesn't end well.

We've seen the good and the bad (and the disastrous!) and want to make sure that you are armed with the best tips and tricks to get the kiddies onside for your big day.